About us

About Us

Our business is now in its 19th year of trading. Because of our experience and training, we can look at most spots and stains and also advise you on what you can expect your carpet or upholstery to look like when cleaned.

We remove the dirt and stains from your lounge, bedroom, stairs, hall, dining room furnishing.

Even if you have a light coloured carpet and sofa we have a high success rate in removing dirt, grime and also stains.

Spot cleaning for coffee, wine, fruit juice, pet urine and blood staining is applied and is one of our special services.

If you have a problem with soiling and bad odours the cleaning process with rinse agents and deodorisers help to neutralise and make a huge difference.

Our experienced staff use the best professional machines and includes industry tested cleaning agents.

The cleaners working hours are 8.00 am to 8.00 pm 7 days a week.

Areas We Cover

We cover IG, RM, E, N, EN and CM postcodes so we always have a local cleaner in your area.

  • All environmental and health considerations have been met so the cleaning is a very green process.
  • Carpets will be damp when the work is finished but will dry off quite naturally within 2-3 hours.
  • All work is carried out at your premises at a day and a time that is convenient for you and your family.
  • Landlords wanting a clean for their new tenants and tenants wanting a clean before leaving at the end of their tenancy are also welcome.
  • The prices stated on this web site are the total costs. Prices given on the telephone are estimates and are based on the information supplied by the customer.
  • We give a free pair of overshoes to our customers.

Clean Master

Like builders and plumbers, finding the right carpet cleaner can be problematic and time consuming. There are many companies offering lots of different services and sadly not all companies can be trusted to do a good job or use the correct cleaning agents. At Clean Master we are passionately committed to delivering the highest standards of work. Quality workmanship and value for money are fundamental to our continued success and growth. We also take great pride in the personalised quality service that we offer to our customers. Loyalty among our customers is so high that more people come to us via personal recommendations than for any other reasons. To find out more about our services click on one of the images below.

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